24 min documentary, directed by María Royo. España, Serbia, Bélgica. 2019.

Documentary premiered at the European Parliament Public hearing ‘Migration and education: Humanity and rights or fences and hostility?’ The session was hosted by MEP Pierfrancesco Majorino. Education Without Borders tracks the debates and case studies throughout the ETUC and EFEE project on social dialogue in education and migration. The film was warmly received by the audience and those who were actively involved in the project over the last years. It sheds a personal light on the richness and opportunities that newly arrived children bring with them when arriving in Europe, and shows a variety of approaches that dedicated education professionals are taking to support them in their integration.


Education is both a fundamental right for all human beings and a powerful tool for social inclusion: two truths which must inform European countries in their response to migration and refugees. They also inspired a joint project on education and migration by education trade unions and organisations representing education employers.
How can education social partners contribute to the inclusion of newcomers in Europe? Last week’s closing conference presented the research and case studies gathered in the project. Then we took the message to the European Parliament for a public hearing and the premiere of our documentary Education Without Borders.