Jur & Jur
specialized in telling real stories
about real people

We make films,

but we also create a wide
variety of content for
TV, internet, brands, corporate,
and events.

Both locally and internationally.


We combine the personalities and
expertise of our versatile team.

Through narrative storytelling
with the ability to move, innovate and inspire.

Our profound social convictions
make us always strive to give a voice
to those that are harder to be heard.

We are passionate about what we do

and enjoy learning and growing in this ever-changing, dynamic field.

The pursuit of the perfect story has led us around the world and back again.

In the past, our work has merited awards such as a student Emmy & Oscar, and has been featured on a number of prestigious international film festivals. Check these cases studies:

Besides our own production, through which we project our interests and values, we also:

  • Create tailor-made media for a wide
    variety of projects, like:
  • —Fiction and non-fiction films
  • —TV reports
  • —Documentary series
  • —Corporate & commercial videos
  • —Media coverage of events
  • We also provide specific services for
    your own productions
    , such as:
  • —Production & casting
  • —Cinematography & art direction
  • —Sound & music,
  • —Motion graphics & post-production

We are also keen about transmedia projects, because we believe that combining media outlets can lead to an even more effective way to ignite emotion and create audience engagement.

We are a small team ready
to travel wherever
the story leads us,

and we believe that advances in technology have made high-quality video content accessible to limited budgets.

More and more people of diverse social backgrounds are finding windows to voice their stories and concerns, and we think this is truly a great thing.

  • María Royo

  • Co-Founder /
    Documentary and Art Director
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  • Antón Calderón

  • Co-Founder /
    Documentary Director & Musiciant
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We have a network of collaborators in constant growth

We invite you to join us in this adventure

and to share your project with us.

We will use all our energy and skills to bring it to life, shake it up,
make it shine and share it around the world.

We´ll be happy to help you, AND


C/Formación 10, Of. 12
41120 Gelves, Sevilla


(+34)955 761 937 | (+34) 637 566 733
Skype - jurjurproductions

Stay tuned



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